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Why should I use a tax preparer vs. tax software?

It’s always a good idea to use a tax adviser/preparer to do your taxes because they are working with sometimes hundreds of individual returns with different scenarios. I can’t tell you the number of returns I have corrected because of errors due to Taxpapers not knowing all the credits, deductions and loopholes in the tax [...]

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How much does a tax preparer typically cost?

A good tax preparer should disclose approximate cost before filing your return. Typically you should expect to pay in several ways: by the hour, by the form or by the return. I’ve seen costs range from $150-$700 or more in some cases. It’s always a good idea to discuss these cost with your preparer first. [...]

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What about Other FREE Tax Preparation Offers?

You also may have seen or heard of some financial services firms and even retail businesses offering to do tax preparation for free or for a very nominal sum. How can they do that, since they obviously lose money on the tax returns? They have to make money somewhere. Some retailers expect you to spend [...]

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What About Those FREE E-File Offers?

The IRS has partnered with several large firms to offer free electronic filing for a limited number of taxpayers (based on income, in some cases). How will you know whether you qualify? You may have to go all the way through the online tax preparation process before they tell you if you'll have to pay [...]

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Do you prepare out of state returns?

Although most of our returns are prepared in Texas, we offer tax preparation for all states and our clients are spread out throughout the USA. It’s as simple as faxing or emailing us your information and we will set up a convenient time to help you plan, file and get your return back just as [...]

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What makes Nvisionit Financial Solutions different from other tax preparation firms such as H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt?

Larger firms typically work as franchises to get you in and out the door as quickly as possible. Many of the preparers have very little to no experience in tax preparation and planning so they simply input your information and charge you outrageous fees. They are paid a low wage and minimum commissions to get [...]

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