Larger firms typically work as franchises to get you in and out the door as quickly as possible. Many of the preparers have very little to no experience in tax preparation and planning so they simply input your information and charge you outrageous fees. They are paid a low wage and minimum commissions to get you to apply for Refund Anticipation Loans and peace of mind guarantees. With millions of dollars in advertising to get you in the door and only a short time to recover those capitals, they target low wage workers who are in dire need for the largest refund of the year. There is usually no customer service or follow up during the year to assure that your business is given top priority!

At Nvisionit Financial Solutions, Our company’s mission is “To help thousands achieve financial success through a proper level of financial education that will empower them to create wealth so they can leave an inheritance to their children’s children.” We currently offer a wide selection of services that includes:

Tax Preparation and Planning
Debt Termination and Credit restoration
Home-Based Business ownership
One on One Financial Consultation
Public Speaking
Financial Coaching
Tax and Financial workshops

Many thousands have benefited from the services of Nvisionit Financial Solutions. We encourage individuals to contact us for a free and private consultation to see how they too can benefit from our many services.